In preparation for this year’s session of the Indiana General Assembly, state Rep. Jeff Espich (Rep.Uniondale) is seeking students to apply for the Statehouse page program.

The Indiana House of Representatives offers a page program each year that allows students from across the state to experience the lawmaking process firsthand. Through the program, these Hoosier students get a first-hand view of the Statehouse activity as a Legislative Page for the day. “The page program creates a wonderful opportunity for Indiana’s youngest and brightest citizens to see and get an understanding of how their state government works,” said Rep. Espich.

During the page experience, students will be given a tour of the entire capitol building, including the governor’s office, the chambers of both the Indiana House and Senate, and the Indiana Supreme Court. Also, pages are given an opportunity to witness any floor sessions and committee hearings that might be taking place during their visit. Finally, pages will spend time on the floor of the House of Representatives with Rep. Espich, assisting him throughout the day.

“Pages get an opportunity to observe how the wheels of Indiana government turn that most Hoosiers don’t get the chance to see. I strongly encourage any student with an interest in government, Indiana history or good citizenship to come to the statehouse and page for the day,”said Rep. Espich.

Pages must be at least 13 years old, and will receive an excused absence from school for the day. Each page is responsible for transportation to and from the Statehouse. Availability is limited, so students should send in requests quickly. The House page office will try to meet requests for specific dates. Those interested in serving as a page for the House of Representatives should send their name, age, address, phone number, and school to: State Rep. Jeff Espich, 200 W. Washington Street, Statehouse Room 401-7, Indianapolis, IN 46204, or e-mail their request to H82@IN.Gov.

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