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Dear Old Grouch,


No reasonable reader can debate the logic that ‘if American workers are required to urinate in a cup to keep their jobs then the people receiving their money in the form of welfare checks should also be required to do the same, but that simply doesn’t go far enough. What about the lawmakers who separate American’s from hard-earned income and re-distribute it in the form of both ‘corporate’ and ‘public’ welfare (socialism)? Our senators and congressmen pass hundreds of new laws each year affecting our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness yet, they are not required to urinate in a cup and prove they are drug free; what hypocrisy? Whatever happened to equality under the law in America?

And, am I the only reader in Waynedale who wonders why the president of the United States is publicly attacking a professional baseball player “accused” of lying under oath (perjury) about steroid use while in the next breath blatantly ignores the ‘fact’ that a member of his administration, “tried and convicted,” of perjury, has never and will never, serve one day in jail? American politicians and our government use a ‘double standard’ to prosecute athletes, truck drivers, motorists and American workers, while they (lawmakers), who hold much more important jobs, involving national security, money and our liberty are allowed to escape equal treatment under the rule of law?


Dear Old Grouch,


In a recent issue of your paper, you brought up the idea of Mexico becoming a state or rather the 51st state of the United States.

As I am an avid supporter of the idea, I have put down some of my thoughts regarding the issue.

1. Mexico would be offered the opportunity to become the 51st state of the U.S. through diplomatic negotiations between the two nations.

2. Mexico would continue running itself just as any other state does. Its present President would probably continue as the new states first governor.

3. All border crossings and “Berlin-style” border walls would be discarded.

4. Some people living along the present border are already neighboring back and forth across the border right now.

5. All present emigrant problems would be eliminated, as all Mexican citizens would become U.S. citizens.

6. Mexico would have advantages such as interstate highways and other federally supported projects.

7. Mexican citizens would have their standard of living raised by such things as the minimum wage law and social security, if they do not already have these things.

8. One interesting point, the United States has spanned North America from east to west many years now. If Mexico became the 51st state, the U.S. would span North America from north to south, with a much smaller border on the south.

9. The United States and Mexico would become a shining example to the whole world by working together for a peaceful and progressive future.

10. Lastly, U.S. citizens and Mexican citizens are all Americans aren’t they?


The only downside I can see is that some Mexicans may feel in someway that they are giving up some of their independence. Hopefully, the advantages can persuade them.


James R. Garver

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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