When asked what the first thing that comes to mind about Christmas, the most popular answers were spending time with friends and family, eating until one bursts at the seams, and getting all sorts of presents. Few remembered, in this economy-driven world, that Christmas was meant to be a time of charity. Senior Janae Meyers shared, “The spirit of Christmas means that we have to look past all of the commercialization of Christmas to what the holiday is really about; it is better to give than to receive.”

Students at Bishop Luers made an effort to implement the genuine spirit of Christmas throughout the Fort Wayne community. Freshman Alyssa Shaffer and her family contributed to the community during the holiday season by “adopting” a group of foster children for a day, helping them make gifts to give to their foster parents, and playing games with them.

“My family has an ‘orchestra’, and I play the flute. We play for nursing homes in the area over the holidays,” stated Junior Sheila Hite.

Sophomore Corinne Lambert remarked, “I plan on volunteering at a soup kitchen one day this winter with Hannah Schindler.”

Other students added that they sing to shut-ins, retirement and nursing homes, and to those individuals who simply have rough moments during this time of year. Local parishes of the students also have adapted the custom of the “giving tree”. Items for needy families are written on ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree. Then, one takes the ornament with an entry of what is desired. They purchase and wrap that present and place it back under the tree for the parish to deliver to that someone who requested it.

Maybe not everyone forgot what the spirit of Christmas sincerely is. Students at Bishop Luers tried to instigate the joy, love, and charity of Christmas in the hearts of those living in Fort Wayne.

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