If your business accepts checks, then you have likely been at one time in your history a victim of a bad check. Regardless of careful check acceptance procedures and policies, it is still possible that your firm or organization may receive such a check in the future. In these instances, there is a resource available through the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office to assist you.

The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office has established The Bad Check Restitution Program as a solution to the growing problem of worthless checks in Allen County. The program was created to help in the recovery of losses associated with worthless checks and since the program’s start in November of 2003, it has recovered over $507,000 – that’s over half a million dollars! It is available FREE to all victims of bad checks. That means individuals too, not just businesses. The program operates at NO COST TO BUSINESSES OR TAXPAYERS. It is funded solely through statutory fees paid by the bad check offenders making this unique program totally self-supporting.

If you receive a bad check, make an attempt to notify the check writer of the problem via certified mail and offer a 10-day grace period in which to make good on the check. Not everyone who writes a bad check is a criminal. Mistakes do happen and the problem may have been the result of an oversight. However, if the check writer fails to rectify the situation, you should then proceed with filing a complaint directly with the Allen County Prosecutor’s Bad Check Restitution Program.

To satisfy the requirements of the program and avoid going to court, bad check writers must pay full restitution to the victim along with a statutory fee that covers many of the charges enforced by banks. They must also attend a 5-hour intervention class. This class is an integral part of the success of this program. Professional counselors teach the classes that focus on more than money management. The curriculum is designed to help offenders recognize the root of their problem and take responsibility for their actions. The ultimate aim of the class is to reduce recidivism.


The goal of the Bad Check Restitution Program is to form an alliance with the business community to protect against the negative effect bad checks have on our economy. If you or someone you know would like to obtain reporting forms, additional information or just have questions about the program, please contact:


Tracy Tibbetts

Community Relations Representative

Allen County Prosecutor’s Bad Check Restitution Program

(866) 704-9528


Or visit the website at:

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