The Official Publication of Minor League Baseball has announced its attendance for 2007. The figures are very interesting. Fort Wayne was 7th this year down from 5th last year.

The new franchise was The Great Lakes Loons. They drew 86,000 fans more than the Wizards. No AA franchise drew as many as Dayton’s 585 (348 is the tops in A classification).


Another interesting statistic:

If you divide the attendance by the population listed in the travel guide you get a figure I call the Attendance/Population Index. Seven Midwest League cities have an API greater than Fort Wayne. The Wizards Index is 1.4 with Appleton 3.0 and Dayton 3.2.

Kane County has amazing fan base with 468,869 this year-down 31,000 from last year. Geneva, Illinois has a population of 12,617. Dayton and Kane County are very close to Major League teams. Actually several Midwest Leagues franchises are progressing better than Fort Wayne’s.

We will see how 2008 works out. And 2009 with the new ballpark downtown.

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