I hope all of you are enjoying our October weather and are looking forward to any Halloween events you have planned.

As I think about preparing for winter, one thing that comes to mind is those winter ailments that seem to go around every year, such as colds and flu. I am bothered by the realization that many Wayne Township residents, who get sick during the winter, and need to see a doctor, can’t afford a doctor visit.

Isn’t it sad that a country as rich and powerful as ours does not have a health care system equally accessible to everyone?
So many United States residents do not have access to quality health care because they have no insurance, are underinsured or simply cannot get insurance due to their health history. In Indiana alone over 800,000 adults have no insurance.

In our Wayne Township newsletter this month, we are focusing on health care in our township. One bright spot for Wayne Township residents is the number of agencies in Fort Wayne trying to assist our unemployed or low-income residents so they can receive better health care.

We feature articles on some of these agencies in our newsletter. Among them is Matthew 25, which has been offering free health care to uninsured adults in Allen County for 30 years. Another featured agency is the Neighborhood Health Clinic, which offers health care for adults and children at a cost based on household income.

Here at the Township, we make every effort to assist eligible clients with their medical needs. The most common way we assist our clients is help them pay for their necessary medications. The cost of medicine is very high and many people don’t have the means to pay for their medications.

Another way we at Wayne Township help uninsured and underinsured persons with their health care needs is our upcoming Healthy Cities Health Fair and Veterans’ Stand Down. This huge, free event will be on October 26, at the Wayne Township Office. It will begin with an opening ceremony at 8:45 a.m.

Our entire office will be transformed on October 26 into a medical center. Among the free health services to be offered are numerous medical screenings, dental and eye care, immunizations and veterans’ services. Also offered will be free haircuts and lunch. Donated winter clothing will be provided to those in need.

The event is mainly for uninsured or underinsured adults, but lead screening will be available for pre-school aged children. Children’s winter clothing also will be available.

Many local organizations have come together to plan and participate in the Health Fair and Stand Down. We at the Township are very proud to be involved with all the dedicated groups and volunteers who participate in this event.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.
Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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