Some time next month CEDIT request forms for neighborhood improvement projects will be sent to neighborhood leaders throughout the city including The Waynedale News delivery area. The goal is for every neighborhood to get together to discuss neighborhood project priorities and then to pick the 3 most important projects that need to be done. Every year I hear about neighborhoods that don’t get on the project list because someone forgets to send in the request form. The neighborhood CEDIT request process is an important tool for evaluating and completing projects throughout the city and the 4th District—make sure that your neighborhood’s CEDIT request forms get completed and returned to the City by the deadline in March 2008.

Later this month City Council will again take up discussion of an ordinance that I helped write and which is strongly supported by Police Chief Rusty York. The basic problem that needs to be addressed is that stolen goods are being “fenced” through what are usually legitimate businesses. To aid in the apprehension of these criminals the Fort Wayne Police Department needs more data every day from valuable and precious metals dealers, pawnshops, and some secondhand stores dealing with the most frequently stolen items. Many of these businesses already report items pawned, bought, sold, and traded to the FWPD. However, there are many gaps in the information provided which need to be corrected so our detectives can rapidly identify stolen items moving through the system. Email or call me if you have any thoughts regarding this matter which is important to public safety in our city.

Halloween is coming soon which is great news for many of Fort Wayne’s kids. I’ve handed out candy and other snacks when riding with police officers and also at my front door and I’ve seen the happy kids enjoying the holiday. There’s occasionally some debate about the history of this holiday but in the modern era Halloween is just a time for kids to have some fun dressing in costumes and “trick-or-treating” for some neat snacks just like we did when we were kids. Let’s all be alert to kids walking through our neighborhoods on Halloween so this year’s celebration will be a safe one.


Give me a call with any ideas you have as to how we can make Fort Wayne a better city.

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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