All Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) license branches are now offering the new digital driver license unveiled by Governor Mitch Daniels last month. The last installation was made at the Portland branch. The successful installation effort began in June and was completed two weeks ahead of schedule.

“We wanted to move as quickly as possible to provide Hoosiers with the new, security-enhanced license. We are pleased with all of the hard work and dedication that made this happen well ahead of schedule,” said BMV Commissioner Ron Stiver. “Installation and operation of the new license system have been excellent.”

Through the use of innovative technology, the new licenses and identification cards are designed to help battle identity theft and card tampering, and will also help deter underage drinking.

Stiver noted that the new system has already shown the ability to help branch employees find image conflicts and prevent issuance of a fraudulent credential.

Additionally, the new license features a vertical format for those under 21 years of age, with the dates the recipient turns age 18 and 21 highlighted in color.

The license features a number of embedded digital enhancements to ensure authenticity, some detectable only with a black light, and a 2-D barcode on the back with embedded redundant data from the front of the card. The new design will also include the state map in the header and the state seal overlapping the state map in the background.

The new system produces licenses in about 45 seconds; previous production time was about three minutes. Also, each new license now costs 99 cents to produce, down from the previous cost of $1.27.  The BMV estimates the new format will result in a cost savings of about $2.5 million during the six-year contract period.

Digimarc Corp., which has supplied the equipment the BMV uses to produce Hoosier driver licenses since 1982, is the primary vendor. The company employs 60 people in its Fort Wayne operations.


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The Waynedale News Staff

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