As I think about celebrating Independence Day, I think how blessed we are to live in this wonderful Country. But, I also think about those Americans who are celebrating the 4th of July while serving overseas and their families here who will be celebrating without their loved ones. I want to thank the soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they are making.

I also think about those in this Country, and right here in Wayne Township, who do not have enough to eat. We recently finished our second Wayne Township newsletter, which focused on hunger.

When we drive down the street and see all the fast food restaurants, we cannot imagine that anyone in Wayne Township could be hungry. However, the reality is that many among us don’t have enough food for themselves and their families.

Hunger is a hidden crisis, and the crisis is getting worse. Our own statistics here at Wayne Township, as well as those from other agencies, show the problem of hunger is growing.

Unfortunately, many families are faced with difficult choices as to whether to buy food or buy gas, whether to buy food or pay the rent or whether to buy food or fill their prescriptions.

Many of the families suffering from lack of food are families with children or families who have a family member in poor health, according to a study in the 2006 Annual Report of Community Harvest Food Bank.

And, almost half of the households needing food assistance had at least one employed adult residing in the home.

One bright spot and one for which I am very thankful is the number of agencies in this community who have taken the initiative to help people and families who need assistance getting food.

We highlighted in our newsletter St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, Associated Churches’ food banks, Miss Virginia Mission House and Community Harvest Food Bank. Associated Churches has a food bank in our Wayne Township Office and also has one at Waynedale United Methodist Church.

While we continue to search for ways to alleviate hunger in our community, we are very fortunate to have several agencies working to address the problem of hunger, and we want to thank those agencies for the great work they are doing.


Have a wonderful 4th of July.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.
Wayne Township Trustee


(photo) Wayne Township participates in Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event.

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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