Shortly after I took office in January, I visited the site of our Outreach Program and found the condition of the apartments to be totally unacceptable. The apartments had structural, as well as, rodent and insect problems.

I did not want our clients to live in conditions in which I would not live myself. So, my staff and I set about finding another location for the Outreach program.

Our Outreach Program now is headquartered at Hampton Court Apartments, at the corner of East State Street and Florida Drive, just north of downtown. We were pleased to be able to find another location quickly and get the Outreach Program up and moving in the right direction.

We have an office for our Outreach staff at Hampton Court, as well as apartments for our clients needing emergency housing and those in our Self-Sufficiency Program.

Our Outreach Staff consists of Coordinator Tameka Crook and Case Managers Gwen Carpenter and Denial Cannon. The staff is supervised by Rodney Scott.

The emergency housing program, Temporary Housing Assistance for Families (THAF), is for families who have just lost their housing and need immediate, emergency help. They can stay in the Outreach apartments up to 30 days at no cost, while searching for permanent housing.

During their 30-day stay, adults receive services from the Trustee’s Office to help them gain permanent housing and to help them attain other goals they might have, such as goals regarding employment and education. The Trustee’s staff also works with families to make sure the children continue their education.

The Self-Sufficiency Program is longer and more intensive than the emergency housing program. Self-Sufficiency requires a minimum commitment from the client of six-months or until the client and staff agrees that the client is ready for permanent housing.

The Self-Sufficiency Program is for both individuals and families and provides housing while the client works with his or her Case Manager toward achieving permanent self-sufficiency. The Self-Sufficiency Program not only helps clients learn the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment, but also addresses personal barriers the clients might have to attaining full self-sufficiency.

The Client is required to follow a weekly agenda designed to assist the client meet his or her goals. The client also has a comprehensive plan with the ultimate goal of the client and his or her household gaining full self-reliance.

I am excited about our new location and the many possibilities I see in the future for our Outreach Program. One of the most important things we can do here at Wayne Township is to help our clients gain the skills and the confidence they need to become responsible and productive citizens of Wayne Township.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.
Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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