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We would like to introduce our new movie review critic, Haley Zimmerman. She is an incoming Junior at Homestead High School and is an active member in the school’s publications department. As an avid movie-watcher she enjoys frequenting the local cinema, Blockbuster, and just about any other place that will satisfy her film cravings.






“Revenge is a funny thing.” As the tagline of Ocean’s Thirteen, that pretty much sums the film up. After the flashy, retrospective opening title sequence, the film begins with casino magnate Willy Banks, portrayed by the fantastically menacing Al Pacino, double-crossing a business partner when dealing with their new project, causing the man to have a heart attack.

Here’s where the revenge part comes into play: the heart attack victim, Reuben Tishkoff, just so happens to be a very good friend of Danny Ocean (George Clooney), who heads the now thirteen-member strong crew of casino heisting criminals. Ocean and the other eleven healthy members of the gang, including Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) and Ocean’s former heist victim Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), vow to get Banks back for what he did to their friend.

In typical Ocean fashion, the guys plan to infiltrate Banks’ new casino and rid the man not only of his money, but also of his pride.

While it has its glittery moments, this isn’t your typical Hollywood blockbuster with constant action-sequences; it makes you take some time to think about what’s going on without driving you insane with a complicated yet decipherable plotline.

After the somewhat forgettable Ocean’s Twelve, the third installment redeems the franchise from mistakes made with the second film. Gently aging charmers Clooney and Pitt head the cast with all-around marvelous performances. These guys really make you believe they’re going to steal some money, leaving you with nothing less than the thrill of a genuine casino heist.

Beyond the enthralling plot and captivating performances, the single noticeable flaw in this movie was the lack in major female characters. With only one major woman throughout the film, Banks’ assistant, a major gap is left in the space Julia Roberts previously filled.

Although it didn’t quite meet up to the standards of the first film, this was certainly a major improvement in the franchise. With the now trademark plot twists, this movie will capture your interest from beginning to end.

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