We’re pleased to be working with the New Haven Parks and Recreation Department to continue to improve trails and greenways in the community.

Our partnership is centered on the Six Mile Creek Trail. Six Mile Creek is the historic name for the Trier Ditch. The trail route will go along Tillman Road from Southtown Centre to the Trier Ditch, then north to Moser Park in New Haven.

The trail is in the feasibility study phase. No construction date has been set and funding is not available at this time. When completed, the study will help give officials a cost estimate for construction.

Since 2005, the City has invested $2 million in the community’s trails and greenways system. In addition, donations, grants, in-kind contributions, and commitments by Allen County, New Haven and IPFW total $14 million in investments to the greenway network.

I recently attended a national conference on sustainable communities and climate change.

The conference was hosted by the National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities and the Johnson Foundation. The organizations are working toward national sustainable development goals and a five-year action plan. Experts from the corporate, academic, nonprofit, government, and financial sectors led discussions on energy and climate change.

Earlier this year, we enacted the City’s first-ever energy policy to improve government services and promote energy savings and cleaner air quality. The development of an energy policy was a key recommendation from the Mayor Green Ribbon Commission, which last fall outlined a comprehensive energy and clean air plan for the community.

We continue to work to enhance services and build on our great quality of life in Fort Wayne.


Graham Richard

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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