from Irene McCague


I would like to thank all my loved ones who helped me celebrate my 90th birthday. When I was a young country girl, never did I think I could receive such a wonderful birthday celebration as I did on September 9.

I received numerous cards, gifts and blessings, including a birthday card from the President and First Lady. Even the mail carrier Dave gave me two cards and the owner of Karen’s Kitchen gave me an apple pie with ‘Happy Birthday’ on it.

September 9th was perfect. My daughter Kathy had her place spruced up for the party. My granddaughter Kristin brought her 5-day-old baby boy, Aiden, to see me. Then the rest of the guests began arriving. I had a surprise visit from my nephews and nieces from Jewett, Illinois, where I grew up.

On Sunday, my granddaughter Susie and her two daughters, who had traveled from Colorado Springs, took me to church where some of my children and grandchildren were waiting for me.

God has blessed me in so many ways with love, good health and joy. I am sure my late husbands, Bill and Kenny, looked down and helped with the planning of such a wonderful celebration.

No one could know how much I love everyone and how much the good Lord has blessed me.


Thank you all,
Grandma Irene

The Waynedale News Staff

Irene McCague

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