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Senate President Pro Tempore Robert D. Garton (R-Columbus) has appointed Senator David Long (R-Fort Wayne) to serve on the Forensic Diversion Study Committee, the Sentencing Policy Study Committee, the Indiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, and the Commission on Courts.

Legislators form commissions, study committees and advisory boards to examine issues in detail and to give more focused attention to particular issues not addressed during the legislative session. “Senator Long will continue to bring a deep understanding of public policy issues to these legislative committees, just as he did during session,” Garton said. “Through innovative ideas, experience and sound foresight, he will help lead these commissions toward finding solutions to problems Hoosiers face today.” The Forensic Diversion Study Committee will evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of forensic diversion programs within Indiana. The commission will review the adequacy of funding provided for the programs.

The Sentencing Policy Study Committee will evaluate sentencing laws as they relate to the criminal justice and corrections systems, the availability of sentencing options, and the inmate population in the department of corrections. The committee will also discuss pretrial diversion programs, pretrial service fees while on bail, and reducing correctional costs. The Indiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission will educate Indiana residents and the nation about Indiana’s important role in the life of our 16th president. The panel will assist local governments and organizations with planning, preparation and grant applications for bicentennial events and projects. Members will coordinate state, local and nonprofit organizations’ bicentennial activities and will be a point of contact for federal or other state organizations. The group will seek federal grants and philanthropic support, as well as plan and implement appropriate events to commemorate the occasion.

Members of the Commission on Courts review all requests for new courts or changes in jurisdiction of existing courts and make recommendations regarding the requests to the General Assembly for the upcoming legislative session. Long represents Senate District 16, which includes portions of Allen County.

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