For those of you who think fishing is no more than putting a worm on a hook and setting a bobber to bobbing, The Bait & Hook Store on Winchester Road may have a few surprises for you.
They have added seminars on fly fishing for local residents.

Rick Hinton, a 1966 graduate of Elmhurst High School and a 30-year proponent of fly fishing, teaches the class on Saturday mornings from 9:00-10:00am. The lessons are free! Beginners to the sport can learn techniques of casting and tying flies; the proper knots for attaching leader to floating or sinking lines and the type of flies used for each species of fish.

Rick has fished for everything from bluegill to terrapin and Northeast Indiana is as good a place as any to start honing your fly fishing skills. March and April are the best months to fish local lakes for bluegill, bass and crappie, but some pan fish go through a second spawning and you can still fly fish for them through July.

A beginner, to the sport of fly fishing, can purchase the basic rod, reel and accessories for as little as 75 to 100 dollars. Most modern fly rods are made of carbon fiber but in the old days fly fishermen used split bamboo fly fishing poles. Lines and leaders can either be sinking or floating and the assortment of flies is unlimited.

Rick also guides fishermen on adventures to the Manistee River in Michigan. The trout fishing weekend is filled with an abundance of opportunities to try out new fishing skills and a chance to experience the thrill of fly fishing in an environment of clean, clear waters.

For people wanting to experience fly fishing in a western environment, Rick will be guiding a group to Montana next year. The trip will last a week and the experience of enjoying the wonder of high mountain streams and the thrill of hooking into a hard-fighting rainbow trout could be the thrill of a lifetime.

Although baiting up a hook and watching a bobber is still a great way to go fishing, interested local residents may want to expand their fishing horizons and visit Rick Hinton at The Bait & Hook Store on Winchester Road.


Rick is there Tuesday through Friday from 11am-6pm and on Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

The Waynedale News Staff


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