The junior class at Bishop Luers High School has been going to St. Joseph Hospital to visit with their patients for one hour each Friday for almost fifteen years.

Mary Keefer the current Principal at Bishop Luers started the program when she was a religion teacher at Luers. According to Cynthia Nettles, Recreational Therapist at St. Joseph, “most patients enjoy just sitting and talking with the students, especially if they have grandchildren who are about the same age or their own children went to Bishop Luers. It is surprising to see how many patients follow the high school sports and love talking with the athletes who come to visit!”

Other types of interaction the students have with the patients are playing cards, working puzzles, and decorating the rooms.

The students visit in groups of four changing each week giving everyone in the junior class a chance to visit the hospital.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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