It’s often said that there are many things in life we don’t appreciate until they are lost. I’m convinced that a prime example of this axiom is the fact that many of us take clean water for granted. You may or may not be aware that our city’s water is of very high quality and very economical. For the price of one small container of bottled water you can purchase hundreds of gallons of city water through your home water faucet. This week the City of Fort Wayne took an important step. A multimillion dollar diesel fired backup power source was placed on line at the city water plant to make sure that an electric power failure won’t interrupt the flow of water for drinking, fighting fires, and other important uses!

Occasionally I receive telephone calls or emails regarding possible drug houses. These types of calls are rare in the Waynedale area but they do occur every now and then. I always pass that information on to the Vice and Narcotics team at the Fort Wayne Police Department. Sometimes citizens get frustrated as it often takes many months to prove that a residence is a drug house and to shut it down. Please be patient if you are aware of a suspicious house which has been reported—the FWPD is working on the problem and will make an arrest if any lawbreaking can be proven.

Good news! For several years it’s been rumored that the Waynedale Scott’s store would expand. Finally it looks like that rumor will become a reality!! Now Waynedale residents will be able to shop for groceries at Scott’s and for home improvement items at the new Southtown Centre Menard’s store. Progress!

Please support local businesses that advertise in The Waynedale News. They make it possible for this paper to get the word out to a wide area of Fort Wayne regarding important developments. Also be sure to give me a call if I can help with any concerns about the Waynedale area or our fine city.


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff
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Tom Hayhurst

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