Beginning on Sunday, December 4th

Star of Bethlehem 2005 at the Schouweiler Planetarium – Join St. Francis under the Mid-Eastern sky of 3 B.C. and follow the star of the Wise Men. During the live portion of the show, planetarium staff will guide you to the wonders of this winter’s Fort Wayne night sky. The Schouweiler Planetarium is located in Achatz Hall of Science, on the Leesburg Road side of the USF campus.

Admission: Adults $4.00, Senior Citizens and under 18 $3.00, $14.00 maximum per family.

This event will begin on Sunday, December 4 at 5pm, 6:30pm and 8pm.

Lighting of the Lake – Warm up prior to the Lighting of the Lake with festive caroling, hot chocolate and cookies. Then join a growing tradition at the University of Saint Francis—the Lighting of the Lake at 5:45pm. Vigil candles will encircle the segment of Mirror Lake closest to Spring Street, for a shining symbol of Christmas for the Fort Wayne community. Candles will be dedicated at a cost of $10 per candle, to a loved one, in memory of someone special, in recognition of a special occasion, or just to wish a student good luck with final exams!

Living Nativity – In 1223 Francis of Assisi led a group of worshippers in the Italian village of Greccio in their celebration of our Lord’s birth by re-enacting the first Christmas. Thus began the tradition of a Christmas creche. As Advent begins, the staff and students of the University of Saint Francis present a Living Nativity to renew their witness to the power of the presence of God’s love incarnate in the world. The character of Saint Francis will narrate the Christmas story and the gathered crowd will sing “Silent Night.” The Living Nativity will be staged in front of the Bass Mansion library, at the west edge of Mirror Lake on Parking is available on the north and west sides of Trinity Hall, on the university campus. This event will begin on Sunday, December 4 at 6pm and 6:30pm.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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