As I gazed across the waters of Sylvan Lake last week with my fishing partner Rick Asselin I could not help but think, “WOW! It is great to be alive! God made this day and we are to rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psm 106:24). One of the great tragedies of the average person today is not being grateful and praising God for what we already have. God is most called upon in times of trouble and thanked for the really big blessings in life, but he is seldom praised on a daily basis. What a thought, it is almost unthinkable; why not praise him many times each day? We should have a “praise list” mentally prepared of what God has done for us today. Praise him and don’t be afraid to articulate those praises to others.

Now back to the fishing trip. My friend praised God and thanked him several times this day. For us a good many praises went out before we arrived at the lake. Rick prayed before we left my house and thanked God we had the opportunity to go this day. If no fish were caught it was great just to get out in God’s creation for a few hours. On the way up, traveling a busy State Road 6 it happened, out of nowhere deer came darting across a field. I yelled at the moment I saw them, Rick stated later he didn’t see them at all. Disaster was averted for both the deer and the men who nearly struck them. Death or serious injury is often reported when vehicles and deer meet on the roadway. Immediately up go the praises again. Whether you recognize it or not God is active in the world today. Certainly Christians have an awesome responsibility to acknowledge that. God is extremely generous to all of us. I failed to really have any consideration of God or the fact my life was in his hands until I trusted him as Savior. I was fortunate that a concerned teenager was concerned enough about me to invite me to church where I could hear the “Good News” of salvation through Jesus Christ. By the way, this is the step according to the Bible for eternal life. We are not talking about what church you attend or the denomination that has your loyalty. No what matters is, “Have you asked God to save you?” Life really begins at the “new birth.” Now that you are saved here is an idea for old or new saints (this is what the Bible says you are if you have trusted Christ).

Here is an idea. How about journaling your daily time with God. It will sensitize you in many areas of your walk with him.

This suggestion could pay big dividends now and in eternity.

Find a three-ring binder and start a journal if you haven’t already. You can use the acrostic P.A.R.T. to help you with this. It is easy.

P stands for Praise. Do you remember what happened last year on this date that you praised God for? Last month? Last week? A prayer journal will help immensely since most have terrible memories in both the short and long term. Your appreciation of God grows as you see the many, many things he has done for you daily.

A stands for Admit. This is confession as you admit your sins to him (Psm 139:23,24). Search me, oh God, and know my heart. Try me, and know my thoughts. See if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. In life God knows your sin do you? It is good to write this down, too. In my counseling this has been extremely helpful to folks to get “their ducks in order.”

R stands for Requests. You do have some, don’t you? The notebook should fill up here as you talk with God about what is on your mind and heart. Tell him and write it down. Folks seldom need help on this one.

Finally, T for Thanks. This is kin to praise. Lord I thank-you for _______________. This page could undoubtedly fill up quickly on a daily basis. Yes, we need to PRAISE God.

Admit our sins. Let our Requests be known to God, and finally, Thank Him for his goodness to us each day of the life He gives you.

Today is the best day to get started.

May God richly bless you as you obey and follow him.


Greg Patten pastors Skyline Church on Winchester Road in Waynedale. He is also heard Saturday at 9 AM and Sunday right after church at 12:30PM on AM 1090 WFCV. You can email him at

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Greg Patten

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