The newest house, #6, was completed in November 2004.
The newest house, #6, was completed in November 2004.
January 31, 2005, Freedom House, Inc. celebrated the official opening of the newest building in its transitional living program. The new home is located at 806 Walnut Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Freedom House opened its first recovery house on Labor Day 1988 after purchasing and remodeling a house on the Northeast corner of Walnut and Fox Streets at 742 Walnut. The organization serves adult males recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. During 16 years of continued growth, Freedom House grew to include five remodeled houses around Fox and Walnut Streets, all of which the agency remodeled, landscaped, and transformed from deteriorating inner city properties into well kept and nicely manicured homes. Freedom House’s newest house, #6, is a completely new facility that was built, where years ago the City of Fort Wayne had condemned and demolished an abandoned house.

Freedom House, its board of directors and staff have miraculously transformed more than inner city real-estate; the real story is their multi-tiered recovery program which has transformed hundreds of men from a hopeless state of body, mind, and soul, into employed, sober, useful, financially responsible people, who pay taxes, respect law-enforcement and meet family obligations.

The Freedom House story began when the late Denny Lomont (top right) and Mr. Dan Miller worked with a handful of men and women to transform a decrepit home at 742 Walnut Street into a new men’s halfway house. At the time, Mr. Lomont was just a few months sober, was recovering from a heart transplant, and was living above the bar he used to frequent. Together with volunteers and lots of material donations, Freedom House opened its door in 1988. In addition to its residents, the house also serves as a meeting place for individuals who wish to support the residents in their recovery. Freedom House is a not-for-profit facility that has grown and prospered without local, state or federal government assistance. All funding comes from residents rent, private donations, and local grantors such as The Lutheran Foundation who provided Freedom House with a $15,000 grant to start their latest new building. Other major contributors include The Burnell Group and Heckaman Homes.

FHI’s most enthusiastic private supporters are former residents and their many grateful families and friends. Anybody wishing to make a donation (large or small) to FHI can do so by contacting Daniel Bushee, Director at (260) 456-8097 or Stephanie Jentgen, President, Board of Directors at (260) 422-2920 or at (260) 421-5002 x 2238.

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