The fourth grade class at St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School have been writing letters to 1SG Michael J. Junk stationed in Afghanistan. 1SGJunk is a member of our parish and has been deployed since last April. In Michael’s most recent letter, he shared with the students what Christmas was like for him and some of his fellow soldiers. We are hopeful that you might print this letter to remind everyone to support our military men and women and to keep them in our prayers. 


Dear 4th Grade Class,

Thanks again for all your wonderful letters. I was quite surprised by your Holiday Greetings and of your sharing of your favorite Holiday with me. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated by me and all the Soldiers that are serving our country. Your Christmas Vacations and Holiday plans sound like a lot of fun and the sharing of the Christmas spirit with your families will be something that you will always cherish.

On Christmas Eve I went on Humanitarian Assistance Mission with 200 other soldiers to a small village called Jilalek, in the mountains. We flew there in large helicopters called Chinooks. We took with us food, clothes, and gifts for the children. We had dinner there with the people of the village. They had chicken, rice, homemade bread and fruit for the meal. It was very good. The soldiers also took time to share some traditional holiday songs with the villagers, following the traditional Christmas songs, the people of Jilalek shared their culture, playing drums and dancing for the soldiers.

Later that evening, back at camp we celebrated our own Christmas with the rest of the soldiers singing Carols, enjoying Christmas goodies that families had sent over ,and we wished everyone and their families a very Merry Christmas. Finally at midnight, I and a group of soldiers celebrated Midnight Mass with the other soldiers from the camp in a large tent and a section of the 25th Army Band played music for the Service.


I wish you and your family a very special NEW YEAR in 2005,

1SG Michael J. Junk, 221st OD CO

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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