Has Major League Baseball Developed a Code of Ethics?


On November 2, newspapers announced that, “Backman Steps up for Diamondbacks.”

Wally Backman, with a 14-year Major League playing career, mostly with the Mets and 8 years as a successful Minor League manager was going to manage the Diamondbacks.

Four days later we were told that he really hadn’t signed a contract and since he had been arrested for driving under the influence and for a domestic dispute he would not be Arizona’s manager.

The first announcement stated that, “Former Mets star will defend his players as Arizona’s new skipper.”

This looks to me that baseball has developed a code of ethics, but on a double standard. Have you ever heard of a Major League baseball player under contract fired for DUI or domestic problems? I don’t remember any.

This is a very good example of baseball enforcing ethics or morality on a person that is vulnerable. Do you think the player’s union would accept this against one of their members? NO WAY! As far as I’m concerned this is a false pretense of moral excellence (hypocrisy).

With all the problems, like steroids, with no action being taken, this decision showed a lot about today’s baseball. Maybe there should be a manager’s union.


That’s The Way I Saw It.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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