On January 11, 2005 marked the mid-point in the second ice skating season at Headwaters Park. The outdoor rink, which opened on November 25, has been in operation for 46 days. There are 47 days left in the season before the rink closes on Sunday, February 27.

“As of January 10, just over 9,000 people have skated since Thanksgiving Day, and that is just about where we were last year,” according to Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance. “Unfortunately, we had several slow days due to warm temperatures and rain. The rink was closed more days this year than last year due to inclement weather. However, I am optimistic that over the next seven weeks we will see typical weather in northeastern Indiana—cold but comfortable for skating with some snow cover to add to the atmosphere,” Paddock said.

The rink will close for the season on February 27. In early March, the Headwaters Park Alliance is planning to start construction on a 28,000 square foot pavilion that will cover the festival center for summer festivals and the ice rink next winter. “More money must be raised to pay for the $750,000 structure. However, we are optimistic we can put the funding together to get started in about two months,” Paddock said.

Skate sharpening is available. There are heated restrooms and a heated changing room with hot food and beverages provided by Mr. G’s at the rink.

Private parties are welcome to rent out the facility before or after regular hours. For more information call Geoff Paddock at 425-5745.


Skating hours and prices for the rest of the season are as follows:

Monday thru Thursday: 3pm-8pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 12pm-10pm

Admission: $2 for children under 16; $4 for 16 and over

Skate Rental: $2 for all skates or you may bring your own

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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