As many residents of the “Waynedale News” area are aware, the Fort Wayne Plan Commission—which includes several of our fellow citizens as members—is currently considering a proposed housing project in the Ardmore Road area known as “Tiffany Heights”. The developer of this project held a public meeting last month to discuss this project with concerned citizens. I wasn’t able to attend but I appreciated the fact that the opportunity was made available for citizen input. Following that event over 300 petitioners requested that the Plan Commission not sign off on this project due to concerns regarding traffic on an already busy thoroughfare, potential adverse effects on an important drainage ditch nearby, and inadequate safety provisions for many children who will be among several hundred residents of the proposed project. The Plan Commission will make a final decision regarding this project later this month. I feel that valid questions have been raised regarding this project—especially the safety issues—and that the Plan Commission should vote down this proposal until these concerns have been addressed.

I’m eager to make contact with potential new neighborhood leaders in the South West Waynedale Association area south of Lower Huntington Road and west of Bluffton Road. I’ve been a long time supporter of Fort Wayne’s “Community Oriented Government” approach and active neighborhood associations are the backbone of the city’s efforts to improve life in our neighborhoods. The prior leaders in the SWWA area did an excellent job for several years but its now time for some “new blood”. If any citizens of that area are willing to spend a couple of hours a month working for your neighborhood call or email me and I’ll personally help you get started. Thanks!

You may have heard about a matter that is of great concern to me. Recently 2 homes in the Waynedale area were struck by random bullets which caused some property damage. Everyone aware of this situation is thankful that there was no injury to any individuals. The Fort Wayne Police Department is investigating this matter. Their final report is pending but at this time there is no evidence that these homes were targeted intentionally. I’ll follow up regarding this serious matter and keep in touch with the citizens involved.

As I’ve noted before I really appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you through this column. Be sure to call or email me if you have any suggestions for items for me to address. Be sure to have a happy new year!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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