As I write this column the city is in the midst of another challenging flood. Floods have many causes—temperatures of over 60 degrees following heavy snows followed by rain caused this month’s flooding. Fort Wayne’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been fully operative and city employees have been working hard on preventative measures and as well as responding quickly to flooding that has already occurred. Pumps, sandbags and temporary clay dikes throughout the south side and elsewhere in Fort Wayne seem to have been effective in minimizing the damage although many individuals were hit hard by flood waters. Thanks to all of those volunteers who worked hard to fill and distribute sandbags—including when outside temperatures dropped again to less than 20 degrees. I’m a member of the City Council Flood Control Committee that is continuing to work with local, regional, state, and federal agencies to develop even better flood protection for our city.

On January 31 the Fort Wayne Plan Commission will reconsider whether to allow the proposed “Tiffany Heights” development on Ardmore Avenue to move forward. Many concerns have been raised regarding this project. The most serious of these is the potential for injury to the many children who will live in this housing development when they try to navigate Ardmore Avenue. I’ve considered all aspects of this project and personally feel that Tiffany Heights should be placed “on hold” until concerns regarding child safety, traffic, and storm water have been addressed. Unfortunately, I won’t personally have a vote on this development since no changes in zoning are required; hopefully our fellow citizens on the Plan Commission will make the right decision.

The Fort Wayne Police Department is continuing to investigate an incident a few weeks ago involving bullets striking 2 homes in the Lake Shores area. The shots came from the west but there is no proof to date as to whether they originated at the Southwest Conservation Club shooting range or east or west of that site. The FWPD and I have met with SWCC officials and they have enhanced their safety procedures. Give me a call if you have any questions or additional information regarding this matter.

Finally, a big pat on the back to Mike Romary and his business, the MER Group. Mike is making some important investments in the Waynedale area that are beneficial not only to Mike and his business but also to the entire “Waynedale News” area. I’ll try from time to time to highlight South Side businesses that are positive for the community.

Be sure to call or email with any concerns or constructive suggestions!


Tom Hayhurst
City Councilman
4th District

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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