The Wayne Township Office is a government entity of Allen County, which provides environmental assistance to residents who meet certain eligibility criteria. The township is designed to provide emergency assistance.

The township’s source of income is from the property tax dollars and miscellaneous income allocated by the state. The township also receives reimbursements from the Social Security Administration through the Indiana Township Association to reimburse the Township for local tax revenue used when federal benefits are approved. Once approved Social Security and retro payments are determined, the township is reimbursed for assistance given each month the recipient was eligible for and paid disability benefits. The reimbursements are quietus back into the township cash flow, which gives the township the flexibility to assist other clients that are not eligible for disability benefits and/or able reimburse the township.

The Township Payee Program is another method of saving taxpayer dollars. We currently have eighty-one (81) participants. The program is designed to assist payees with budgeting their monthly income and paying basic living expenses. This program has possibly eliminated eighty-one (81) requests for township assistance with shelter, utilities, food and medication – tremendous saving to tax payers. The beauty of the payee program is that it helps to assist people in the understanding and the fulfillment of their financial obligation(s) with their own resources, relieving the local citizens of an additional obligation. Through their dedication and adherence to a budget which mandates basic living expenses be paid first before anything else, participants are able to purchase personal items, clothing and household items, have money for recreation and entertainment and even save money. We have even set up funeral trusts for many of these individuals. The wisdom of our forefathers in the design of Township Government is brilliant in that it allows variations in basic operation by even adjacent Townships to meet with the needs on the most local level. We are very proud of the Wayne Township Office in its ability to make changes to meet the needs of its citizens on a daily basis. If you can think of an idea that would benefit the community, please let us know. If it is statutorily within our mission you will probably see it in operation. Many agencies and individuals have seen this happen. My thanks to all of those that have helped to make the Wayne Township an Office truly of the people.

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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