It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer. It’s a great time to go fishing and turkey season is here. . .but your 2003 licenses expired in February.

Be sure to get your 2004 licenses before you head out into the great outdoors this spring. Just sit down at your computer any time of the day or night and purchase your license online. Punch in your information, credit card number, and print out your license from your own printer. You can even print multiple copies — one for the wallet, one for the tackle box, and one for safe-keeping at home – so you’ll never be caught without a license.

To purchase your STATE Hunting Trapping and Fishing licenses online or for more information, visit www.wildlife.IN.gov!



The first recorded bald eagle nest in Indianapolis has produced Indiana’s first-ever capital city eagle chicks. “One of our guys checked the nest Friday, and he saw a little head poke up out of the nest,” said Indianapolis Parks Department real estate manager Paul Smith.

DNR photographer John Maxwell confirmed the presence of two chicks in the nest today. “They were little gray fuzzy things gulping down duck meat as fast as they could swallow,” said Maxwell.

The nest is at Southwestway Park on land purchased this year using Indiana Heritage Trust license plate funds. The purchase is in an area being rapidly developed with housing subdivisions.

The new Indy eagle chicks add to the spate of Hoosier eagles repopulating Indiana. More than 60 Hoosier eagles were hatched in state nests last year, and Indiana DNR biologist John Castrale counted a record 49 eagle nests with eggs during helicopter surveys this spring.

Castrale also confirmed a second eagle nest on the southwest side of Indianapolis on the White River north of I-465. The 96 acres of natural area near Southwestway Park was purchased this year using nearly $300,000 in Indiana Heritage Trust funds. The Heritage Trust land conservation program is funded by the sale of environment license plates. More than 30,000 acres have been conserved over the last ten years.



Hoosier National Forest hosted a free International Migratory Bird Day educational program on May 8 at Monroe Lake near Bloomington. The “Habitats on the Hoosier” celebration offered opportunities to learn about nearly 350 species of Indiana birds.

Guest speakers presented workshops throughout the day on topics ranging from wildlife landscaping, important Indiana bird areas, and nature journaling. Families built nest boxes, created bird feeders, designed binoculars, identified birds from a birding blind, or participated in learning games.

Participants were told they should dress for the weather. The event was to be held rain or shine at Hardin Ridge Recreation Area. Guided bird tours began at 7am, while workshops and booths opened at 9am. The event was concluded with an Owl Prowl at 8pm. For more information, contact Cindy Basile at (812) 547-9229.



Musky Tournament Trail Event “SOUTHERN SHOOTOUT” held at Cave Run Lake – Morehead, Kentucky


The Final Leader Board:

1st. Place – Steve Imhoff / Clark Bailey

2nd. Place – Jason Summers / Tony DeMars

3rd. Place – Gary & Linda Jacobs

4th. Place – Dwayne Dillon / Joe H Denton

5th. Place – James Stella / Rob Frechette

6th. Place – Daniel J Peckels / Mike Koepp

7th. Place – Kevin Nash / Mike Savitski

8th. Place – Tim & Tom Sennett

9th. Place – Ronnie Simpson / Robert Ratliff

10th Place – Daniel A Wegner / Mike Cline

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