On February 18 at my Report to the People at Southwest Area Partnership I announced the creation of the Emergency Medical Services Taskforce to examine our EMS system to ensure it will provide excellent service.

Our City is growing. We need to make sure our EMS system will continue to provide excellent services to all of our residents. The EMS taskforce will provide an independent and comprehensive review of our current EMS system and make recommendations for improvements.

I have appointed Joe Ruffolo and Dr. Dean Elzey to Co-Chair the taskforce. Also serving on the task force are City Councilman Dr. Tom Hayhurst, former Parkview CEO Dave Ridderheim, Three Rivers Ambulance Authority board member Erik Chickedantz, and local businesswoman Marilyn Moran Townsend. The taskforce will begin their duties as soon as possible.

The taskforce will evaluate the current emergency medical services to determine what changes are needed and what role the City’s Fire Department should play in providing emergency services to residents. Currently, over half of the Fort Wayne Fire Department’s runs are for medical emergencies. The taskforce will also review the public utility model of ambulance service that was created over 30 years ago. A summary of findings and recommendations will be made by the taskforce to improve response times, prepare for increased demands and anticipate rising costs for services.

A first class EMS system is crucial to my goal to make Fort Wayne the safest city of its size in the nation.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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