Letter to the Editor,

I know of a very decent, honest, hard working young man (he is also an Eagle Scout) who was married with three children and living in Ossian, Indiana. Before he went to work, he gave his three children their baths. His wife was already at work. The oldest of the children slipped in the tub and he grabbed for her and caught her, preventing a nasty fall. He left red fingerprints on both arms but the child was not harmed. He dropped the children off at the baby sitters and went to work. The baby sitter noticed the red marks and called the mother-in-law. The mother-in-law had him arrested and put in jail.

From this incident he spent 6 months in prison and over a year on probation locked into a phone device that called the police if he left the house. He was allowed to go to work (he found a menial job) and came home to his parent’s house here in Fort Wayne.

He lost his job in Bluffton because of absence. (He was in jail). His wife divorced him on her mother’s recommendation and they both lied at the trial under oath. He lost his home (it was reprocessed because he couldn’t pay for it in jail). He cannot own a gun. This is on his record forever. He paid out so much support money for his children that he could not afford to pay rent or buy groceries – thank God for his parents. His wife took a lover that moved into the man’s home and the man lived with her and the kids until the repossession. She and her lover moved to Fort Wayne to live. She’s been arrested for various violations. Her lover has been in and out of prison several times.

Now what is so ironic about this story? All the time he was on probation and even before the trial, he was allowed custody of his children whenever he wanted them. Now that it is all over, he still can’t own a firearm or go hunting but he can have his kids whenever he wants them. Is this a miscarriage of justice? Should the mother-in-law be arrested for lying in court under oath? Should the wife be arrested for the things she is doing?

Mrs. Wayne Dale


Dear Ray,

I read your column in the August 20th Waynedale News, & I sure liked what you said about the anti-hunting nuts! I’m against killing just for killing’s sake, but not against hunters who take what they need to feed their families.

What the radical animal rights groups are doing is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. It’s probably the same people that strung barbed wire across a tunnel under a road in the desert to stop motorcycles from racing in the desert.

I’m with you 100% & all the way in what you said about the anti-hunting N.U.T.S.. If you run on that ticket I will surely vote for you, so long as you are not anti-motorcycle.

Ray, how do you suppose the animal rights groups get along with the Green-Butt Anti-gun pointy-headed liberals that are striving day and night to take away our second amendment rights? Are they in bed with each other, secretly funding each other? Or are they at odds? If they could be set against each other, maybe they’d cancel each other!

Neither one of them is really trying to do what their stated agenda is, they just want to control us, & be sure we aren’t having fun!


Dave – Member NRA

The Waynedale News Staff
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