The drive down Lower Huntington Road has been markedly changed over the past twelve months. Last year, on March 24th land that had been just days before a pea-graveled playground was transformed into the “launch pad” for the realization of a church’s dream. On Palm Sunday 2002, parishioners and friends of St. Therese Catholic Church gathered with Bishop D’Arcy for the ground breaking ceremony of the new church—actually the first church building for St. Therese Parish constructed specifically as a worship space. Originally, the parish received a converted army barracks chapel as its first church: fire damaged the structure once, and then, after a second fire in December 1970, Masses were celebrated on the first floor of the school where they have been ever since.

After three decades of dreaming and finally laying the groundwork for a building project, the capital campaign was begun in the fall of 2000. This Jubilee Year was a time of great rejoicing for us as the leveling of the dirt and the “footers” started to give the space its shape. As walls rose up, the skeleton began to present itself as very formidable. The high point in regard to the outside structure was the steeple raising this past fall. As parishioners, students and neighbors gathered around the school, gym, and office building, the steeple was hoisted onto the rooftop to the applause of all. Over the past six months, attention has turned to the interior: comments about the pews, stained glass, baptismal font, and altar dominate curiosity.

Excitement is reaching its height as we prepare for the April 10th Dedication Mass. Bishop D’Arcy will return to preside over the celebration. We hope as many of our neighbors as possible are able to share this time with us. We also are planning an Open House for Sunday, May 18th for 1-3 pm. As the church building is consecrated to the worship of God, so too the People of God will continue to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit through the sacraments celebrated here and sent out as disciples of Christ into the world.

The Waynedale News Staff

Fr. Joe Rulli, St. Therese Church

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