“The Waynedale News” went with me last year into Kandahar Afghanistan, the former Taliban headquarters. Reading the paper kept me in touch with the real world and things back home. Thank You, Rick L. Sabo

Keep the paper rolling. It’s great! We love Mrs. Waynedale. Patricia Knuth

Keep up the good job. Helma Melton

Have “come home” after leaving Waynedale 58 years ago. Am now living just one street south of Gilford Drive, named after my husband and I, Joyce (Sonner) Gilford, 2nd Ed Gilford! Enjoy The Waynedale News. It is helping to re-connect me. Joyce J. McConnell

We have been subscribers since 1963. I didn’t like the new format at first, but it is growing on me. The new ink is awful. It comes off and covers my entire hands. Thank You. Gloria Friedich

Sure enjoy the paper. We lived here in 1960 next to Ridenours. Thanks. Audrey L. Wilson

We pick up your paper at Walgreens, Karens Kitchens, or wherever we see it. We enjoy reading it. Thanks. Wilbur Knipstein

I always enjoy the information I get out of the ‘news’ that lets me know what’s going on in and around Waynedale. I have lived in Waynedale for 48 years! I also enjoy the ‘Deans List’ that appears for college graduates. My son Joseph Bailey will be in one soon! Thanks, Good Job. Jean Rogers

Keep up the good work! I love Mrs. Waynedale. Mike & Lisa Palmer

I enjoy Mrs. Waynedale. Do some of your readers actually take her seriously? Michael Vorndran

Hi Dad! Julie Southwood

I really enjoy reading “Home Town News”. Lois Prough

Enjoy the paper! Julie Leas

I enjoy thoroughly reading about the Waynedale area that I have been part of for over 46 years. Evelyn L. French

Mr. Regelsperger says, “Here’s $20, keep the change”.

Enjoy getting your paper. I lived in Waynedale for 65 years. My name was Lois Pickard. Loree Otis was my mother of 7004 Beaty Avenue. Have a good year, Thank You. Marjorie Bryce

Please pass along my Bravos to B. J. Hollars for his first place finish in the National High School Essay Contest. Few people in our area or from my Baby Boomer media generation are familiar with Ray Bradbury and Hollars’ article made a giant step in changing that. When I think of Ray Bradbury I think about a young author who had his first fifty stories rejected, but kept writing anyway. Ray Bradbury was an inspiration to me and it’s good to read about a young man like B. J. Hollars who was also influenced by this great author and man. John

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