Every time I pick up a paper or turn on the TV I’m reading about or listening to politicians tell how broke thestate/city/county/DNR/license bureau is. Take your pick. They raise our property taxes, our sales taxes, the fee on our hunting licenses, the fee on our fishing licenses, the fee on our driving licenses (bet you didn’t know about that one), and then they close our campgrounds, cut our big game (deer) limit to one buck per season, cut the trout possession limit in half (from 10 to 5 per day), raise the state park entrance fees, and the gasoline prices took a hike even though we aren’t at war and the gasoline isn’t even scarce yet. Can someone tell me what is going on or is everyone just pointing fingers at everyone else and “. . . doing to others before they have a chance to do unto us?”

First, I think property taxes should be illegal. How many times do I have to pay for the house I live in? It is mine and I can understand that if I were buying it and missed my payments then they would have the right to repossess it. But my house is mine, bought and paid for, and I own it lock, stock, and doorknob. BUT, if I miss paying the taxes on it I lose the thousands of dollars I paid for it. Does this mean that I never will own it outright and complete? You bet your bippie it does.

Now comes a big pain in the patootie called ‘the lottery’. Does anyone realize that the lottery is for people who are bad at math? I’ve watched people stand in line to give their money away. They even buy scratch-offs and lose even more. I went into a liquor store recently and bought a case of beer. I met one of my neighbors in there. He made the remark that he didn’t drink anymore, “It’s a waste of money.” And he chided me for doing it. I asked what he was in there for and he said that he and his wife came in every Friday and bought $20 worth of lottery tickets. She and he stood there and scratched off all the tickets and won two dollars. They then took the two dollars and bought two more tickets. They scratched those off and won nothing. I walked out of the store clutching my case of beer.

Why doesn’t the state/government/whoevertake the lottery money and leave my – property, my fishing license, my hunting license, and the other things that have cost me more recently – alone. Charge a sales tax when something is bought but leave my property alone if it’s paid for. The older you get the more the taxes take a bite out of your fixed income and the less is left.

Ok Waynedalers; agree, disagree, or comment? What are your thoughts? Send your cards and letters to Ray McCune, c/o THE WAYNEDALE NEWS, 2700 Lower Huntington Road, Waynedale, IN 46809 – politicians send your comments and explanations to: Ray’s Big Round File – same address.

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