The other day I was thinking back on all the little, school girl crushes I’ve had in my life. There was the jock, the smart alec, the nice guy, and then there was the guy who just plain got on my every last nerve. We sat next to each other in the third grade. He was left handed and I am right handed, so we did a lot of elbowing. We always got into petty little arguments too. He bugged me so much, but for some reason that I still can’t figure out, I had the biggest crush on him. It didn’t matter how mad he made me. This little walk down memory lane was induced by Two Weeks Notice, a romantic comedy about a girl who, like myself, falls for a guy who she seemingly can not stand. However, when she falls it’s a whole lot funnier.
Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock, Murder by Numbers) is the Harvard educated lawyer and Chief Counsel to George Wade (Hugh Grant, About a Boy) of the Wade Corporation, a self-centered, charming, and dependent millionaire. Lucy only took her job in order to save her neighborhood’s community center from being torn down, and for the opportunity to do a lot of charitable, probono legal work. Much to her surprise, her job description was more like a nanny’s than a lawyer’s. George can’t write a speech, choose an outfit, or attend a meeting without her. He calls her at all hours and is giving her an ulcer. Then, when she’s finally had enough and quits, he makes it impossible for her to get a job anywhere else. Lucy is determined, however, to leave. So, she tries to get fired. After showing up an hour late, acting obnoxiously, and spitting gum at the boss, she finally gets George to be reasonable. Well, sort of, George agrees to let her quit if she finds and trains her replacement. Lucy agrees and gives her two weeks notice. However, as the two weeks tick away, Lucy and George seem to be getting closer, instead of growing apart. Neither seems to be quite sure that they want her to leave.
Two Weeks Notice is a very cute, funny movie. Bullock and Grant are a great pair and definitely have onscreen chemistry. Grant is hilarious, witty, and very convincing as George. If I were in Lucy’s position I’d want to strangle him too. Bullock is fantastic as the compulsive eating, poorly dressed, neurotic Lucy. She has a friendly quality to her that makes me love all the characters she plays. Team the two actors together and how could the outcome be anything but good?
While Two Weeks Notice is thoroughly predictable, like most romantic comedies, it is still thoroughly enjoyable. It’s fun to watch two people bicker like a married couple and have the pleasure of knowing that they love each other before they do. With its clever humor and feel-good ending, I’d recommend Two Weeks Notice to couples, singles, mother-daughter duos, and anyone in-between.

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