Hunting Tip – cut a piece of nylon string (10-12 inches long), double it, stick the loop through the eye in the zipper tab on your hunting coat, put the two ends through the loop, and pull tight. Now you have a handy waterproof piece of string at your fingertips to tie your Temporary Transportation tag to your deer (or turkey). It saves fumbling around in your pockets for something to tie your tag with or cutting off a piece of your bootlace. In fact I find that it even beats fumbling with cold fingers to get the bottom zipper on my hunting coveralls open. You might find that the extended pull string is so handy you’ll want to put one on every zipper tab on every piece of clothing, duffel bag, or equipment you own, especially the ones on your sleeping bag. By the way, you aren’t required to tag your deer in the field now but you must have the tag with you. You are required to tag it as soon as you get it back to your vehicle and before you move it.

Some people have asked me about CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease), a disease that affects deer, somewhat like the Mad Cow Disease that has hit the headlines lately. Here is what the IDNR (Indiana Department of Natural Resources) sent me: “White-tailed deer are a valuable Indiana resource. As a hunter, deer are very valuable to you. That’s why the IDNR and Board of Animal Health are working hard to monitor diseases that have struck deer herds in neighboring states. State biologists and veterinarians want to make sure that those diseases don’t’spread to Indiana, so regulations have been put in place to prohibit importation of captive deer and elk into the state. Biologists and veterinarians will be working overtime this deer season to test Hoosier deer for disease. They will be stationed at most check stations around the state gathering tissue samples to monitor for disease. For information on where deer will be tested, visit www.deerhealth.IN.gov.”

Good luck! I’ll see you out there in the woods or on the water.



Who: Fort Wayne Beagle Club (EST. 1926)

What: Turkey Shoot (Frozen turkeys for prizes – We shoot at targets not at live turkeys. – Shotgun shells furnished.)

When: November 10, 2002 from 11am to ??

Where: 1432 Aboite Road, 1st road west of General Motors on Lafayette Center Road – turn left 1/2 mile on right – signs posted

Why: Proceeds benefit our wildlife by feeding, planting, and improving the wildlife habitat. – All sportsmen are welcome. Noon lunch served.


A note from “Stormy” Weldon, Recording Secretary of the Fort Wayne Beagle Club said, “We are a non-profit organization and all proceeds from our ‘turkey shoot’ will benefit our wildlife by feeding, planting, and improving the wildlife habitat. The Fort Wayne Beagle Club isn’t just about dogs. Our furry and feathered wildlife friends will thank you and so will we.” By the way, they do not use live turkeys as targets like they did in days gone by but they do give out frozen turkeys as prizes.



(Rated – B (Best) G (Good) F (Fair) P (Poor) D (Don’t know)

November 15-16 – Sound The Alarm Christmas Bazaar – New Castle, IN (D)

November 15–December 8 – Festival of Trees – Winona Lake, IN (D)

November 16-January 3 – Festival of Lights – Columbus, IN (D)

November 16-17 – G.S. Porter – Holiday Open House – Rome City, IN (G)

November 16 – Holiday Lights Festival – Valparaiso, IN (D)

November 17 – November Noel – Brookville, IN (D)



There will be an “Owl” night hike at Fox Island, 7424 Yohne Road, Saturday, November 16, 2002 from 6:30pm to 8pm. The cost is $2 per person and registration is required. Leave your flashlights at home and call 449-3184.



The monthly nature program this month is about Deer. It will be held Thursday, November 21, 2002 from 10am to 11am or from 2pm to 3pm . The program consists of learning about deer, a craft, a snack, and a hike (weather permitting). Cost is $3 per child. Reservations are required. Call 449-3184.



Greater Sand Hill Cranes in the Midwest will be the subject of this discussion through an entertaining and informative talk to be given by Mark Weldon from Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo on Thursday, November 21, 2002 from 7pm to 9pm. For more information call 449-3184.

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