Dear Friend,

You asked, “When does it end? The grief and heartache of losing a precious loved one?”

I can recall when my mother told me I had a brother in Heaven. “What is his name?” I asked. “His name is Jerry, and he was here for just a short time. He’s an Angel. He has always been an Angel. He came to teach us how to love one another and to trust our faith to guide us.” Mom had a special glow about her when telling me about Jerry. He was just an infant when The Creator asked him to be an Angel who would welcome all the little children that have gone out the western door of their Earth Mother’s home and into the eternal home of “Love and Light”. “This is called Heaven,” my mother went on to explain, “and although you did not meet your brother before he was called for this special assignment, trust me, trust your faith in Grandfather and in yourself, and one day I promise that you will see God’s special Angel. Little Infant Jerry – your Big Brother.”

We stand together in the Divine Light of the Creator, and where there is light, the grief and darkness fade, and we see our angels in our hearts saying, “I Love You – I’m here in your heart to stay.”

The Waynedale News Staff
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