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A High School Graduation Poem

For all of the games we saw, and those we missed.
Our secret crushes, and those we kissed.
For the good times & the bad.
Our rivalries and the friends we had.
Filing through the halls in masses.
We got our stuff and went to classes.
How to learn was a mystery.
In math, science, and U.S. History.
Our teachers led us on our way.
So we would be ready to leave someday.
We made jokes about our food.
Who knew we could be so crude?
Our minds were young and growing.
So much we should be knowing.
We would be happy with an “A.”
To show we succeeded that day.
Dreams of greatness on the field.
Our limitations were revealed.
Times so good they could not last.
Becoming memories of the past.
All together, what does it mean?
In what all we heard and what was seen.
In school, we lived without a care.
Compared to the big, bad world out there.
We took our turns and played the game.
And then, we were never the same.
Occasionally, we’d take a chance.
To try out for a romance.
Deep regrets, words left unspoken.
No second chance, hearts left broken.
In the years, we have grown.
To survive on our own.
We look back with 1 last cry.
Now is the time to say goodbye.

The Waynedale News Staff

David Sowards

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