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End Of Year Thoughts ~ From The Ink Spot

Another December is upon us as we end the year of 2023 and look forward to 2024. Many people use the month of December to review their goals and sometimes reflect on the ones not met. Others begin to look forward to the new year and start to ponder what goals they will have in the coming year. Goals can be both personal and professional and honestly they should be. If we don’t have goals, it can be hard to have focus and direction as a new year comes.

The end of the year with holidays in November and December can also bring about thoughts and feelings of grief for those of us who are missing loved ones during these precious times, myself included. If you’re like me, you tried to laugh and smile at the fond memories of those loved ones who are no longer with us.

I pray that you all have done your best this year or as best as you could. It’s been an honor to see friends, family, leaders of organizations and others thrive throughout the year. When people around me win, I get excited as there is room for all of us to win!

I write this to share some of my thoughts as we close the year but also as I think and ponder on my new goals and things I will continue to focus on in 2024.

May you have an amazing end to your year full of whatever you need to make it a good one! I send positive thoughts and prayers for a wonderful start of your next year with new goals and focus on those goals. I pray that you rest and get rejuvenated over the holidays to prepare for your best year yet in 2024!

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