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Veteran Families Eligible For Up To $300 For Holiday Relief

The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) announces the Military Family Relief Fund Operation Holiday program is open for applications November 1 to December 31 by 4 p.m. EST. Indiana veteran families experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for $300 for each dependent in the household and $200 for a holiday meal.

“The holiday season can often mean tough financial choices for our veterans and their families,” said Dennis Wimer, director of the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs. “The MFRF Operation Holiday program aims to ensure that they can step into the new year without financial hardship.”

Indiana veteran and active-duty service member families may apply for themselves or for eligible dependents.

The application’s household income must be below two times the poverty guideline.

Applicants must provide the following documentation:

  • DD-214
  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), if currently serving
  • W-9
  • Direct Deposit form
  • Proof of income
  • Bank Statement
  • Proof of child’s residency
  • Proof of child’s dependency

MFRF’s Operation Holiday program may only be used to provide services to veteran families experiencing financial hardship who reside in the state of Indiana, have served or are currently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and hold a DD-214, LES or National Guard Bureau (NGB) Form 22.

More information about the program can be found here: in.gov/dva/about-idva/links/military-family-relief-fund

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