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Invite the world into the comfort of your own home by hosting one of our bright and energetic international exchange students for the upcoming school year. Students will be traveling thousands of miles to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live with a very special American family – perhaps your family. The SHARE! High School Exchange Program is cultural exchange at its very best — people to people and heart to heart.

In the not too distant past, such a trip would have taken at least several weeks of rigorous travel. Today the trip can be made in one day, a reminder that the world becomes closer and more interdependent every day. It is very important to understand how to develop global citizenship as well as the knowledge to succeed in the new millennium. We all hold the future of the world in our hands.

The exchange students, all between the ages of 15 and 18, arrive in August to attend local high schools for the 2022-2023 school year. They are screened, academically prepared, and English speaking when they arrive. Students are also covered by medical insurance and bring their own spending money for personal expenses. Families provide a bed, meals, caring home and are able to review student applications to select the student they feel best matches their family’s interests.

“The exchange students need to be matched with families soon so they can communicate and begin developing a relationship with their American host family during the next few months,” states Yvette Coffman. “It is important for exchange students to experience our way of life so they learn about American home life and customs – not just what they see on foreign television and in the movies. Hosting an exchange student is a way to share what’s special about America and to gain an international friend.”

The SHARE! Program is sponsored by Educational Resource Development Trust (ERDT), a non-profit educational foundation, celebrating more than 40 years of experience in cultural exchange. Families who are interested in hosting or obtaining more information should call Yvette Coffman at the SHARE! Southwest Regional Office Toll free at 1-800-941-ERDT (3738) or visit the website at

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