AG Day At St. Aloysius

We were pleased to have Mr. Don Wyss come and speak to us, as a local farmer and proud member of a farming family (as well as a vast agricultural community), about the importance of knowing where our food comes from and how farming is different across the country. I feel as if this really showed the younger students, who were amused by his clever Q&A and rhetorical questions, why we should appreciate the splendor that is so often overlooked: farming. Not only this, but he came prepared, ready to amuse the children’s senses; in pale ice cream tubs with no lids, he brought crops of corn, wheat, and soybeans for the kiddos to dig around in (without making a mess, of course) and smell. The smell of the crops is incredibly satisfying; I made sure to take a minute amongst my busy arranging schedule to dig around and take a whiff. That was far from the top of my excitement.

They had sent the smaller kids out first; I was able to travel out with them for my photography for this very newspaper. Then, there was joy. And laughter. And glorious screams. Oh! And there were tractors. I watched as they climbed up and honked the horns; I remember the comment from one of the chaperoning teachers, “well, looks like the horn works” escorted by a slight laugh and smile. This very moment is one worthy of documentation. It makes me wonder: why don’t we all celebrate AG Day?

And it was when the older kids came out, after the hyper kiddos were ushered inside, that I saw something new. Something incredible. I really hadn’t seen them that excited in the longest time. Or maybe it was just me? I know I was jumping for joy with wide-eyes and a full-storage camera. I was probably the first one in the tractors, running to their narrow staircase, resisting the temptation to let my inner three-year-old out and honk the horn, reliving that very moment. I resisted. It was unfortunate.

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