Foster Success Expands Program Offerings

Nonprofit Foster Success is launching a Health and Well-Being program and has hired a new director to oversee the initiative. Foster Success ensures young adults transitioning out of foster care are educated, housed, financially stable, employed and connected to a support system by age 26.

The new initiative will focus on ensuring teens and young adults transitioning out of foster care maintain access to health insurance, receive COVID education and support, and engage with staff and peer support to connect with health care providers, document their health histories, and secure vital records.

“The Health and Well-Being program area is focused on empowering teens and young adults who have experienced foster care with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate health care systems and become advocates for their own health,” said Foster Success CEO and President Dr. Maggie Stevens. “This is a population that can’t stay on their parents’ health insurance after turning 18 like their peers can and these young adults are often too busy meeting basic needs to focus on preventive health care. We hope to make the path to physical, mental, and emotional health a little easier with the additional support provided by this new resource.”

The Health and Well-Being program is possible thanks to a $350,000 Title V grant from the Indiana Department of Health.

“Title V is excited to come alongside the amazing work that Foster Success is currently providing to transition age youth in Indiana,” said Children with Special Healthcare Services Director with the Indiana Department of Health Kristi Linson. “Foster Success’s reputation among youth and communities will increase our ability to provide accurate public health information, as well as provide us access to youth with lived experience to inform public health programming.”

Angel Crone has been hired to be the new Foster Success Director of Health and Financial Well-Being. Crone previously worked at the Indiana University School of Social Work where she served as the Strengthening Indiana Families Project Coordinator. Originally from Southern Indiana, Angel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and Human Sexuality and a Master’s Degree in Public Health, both from Indiana University.

Foster Success is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides financial, educational and social support to teens and young adults in foster care youth at their most critical time – when they are about to or have already transitioned out of Indiana’s foster care system, most often with no family or economic support. Foster Success provides support through programs and resources to the 24,000 teens and young adults (14-26) to ensure they are educated, housed, financially stable, employed and connected to a support system by their 26th birthday. More information about Foster Success can be found at

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