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Did you know that over 2,500 members belong to a unique Facebook group that focuses on pictures, memories and discussions of Waynedale past? The “Waynedale Recollections” group appeals to not just historians; it is open to anyone who is interested in sharing and collaborating about history.

The mission of the group states, “If you ever lived here, you’re bound to have some memories that are fond, or funny! This group is a social group for anyone who has had connections to Waynedale.” Founded by George “Dewey” Powell in 2012, the group has grown significantly over the years with the assistance of a group of community administrators lead by Terri Shimp.

Traditionally, history has been preserved in museums who collect items and by publishers who compile it into books, but that is generally select information catering to whatever those historians feel is important. This group serves as a new-age type of living history where anyone can share what knowledge, documents and photos they have or find. This practice has created a collection of thousands of shared historical photos and a discussion to go along with each post or photograph. From an archival standpoint, for as long as Facebook remains online, the information will be available, which is likely to be a very long time given that it’s currently the most popular social media platform and one of the largest businesses in America.

It seems as though almost every day the group discusses anything from current happenings in Waynedale in relation to its history to “who or what’s in this photo?” to “do you remember when?” And a collective group enjoying the community that they’ve created. Then they reminisce or fill in the blanks for each other.

The group is open to anyone in the public as long as you follow the rules which are: you must have lived in the Waynedale areas or have had a connection to the community; you can’t use the group to sell or market products; and that everyone should be respectful towards one another. You can find the group on Facebook by searching “Waynedale Recollections” or by visiting www.facebook.com/groups/121367401317055

As history and especially small community history continues to fade and get lost to disappearing memories and people who lived it, this group seeks to not only preserve that history, but to create a community and share pride in it. Many may not realize that when it comes to history, no one is documenting it, except for those people who care (and the newspaper of course). Throughout time, the many things that make up what history is like, events, pictures, buildings and memories get lost. So, it makes sense to take on the important cause of preserving the history in one place where everyone can visit for free.

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