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Public Service Credit Union has given back to their members and the local community in a bigger way than ever before. PSCU emailed their membership a survey in November that asked what they were asking Santa for in 2020. Members responded with things they needed… pajamas for my grandkids, a refrigerator and stove for my aunt, a bed for my disabled son… PSCU employees were humbled by the responses, so many people were requesting things for others.

The Credit Union’s goal is to help their community, one member at a time. They weren’t going to let 2020 stop them. Instead they let it inspire them and Project Giveback was created. An event was planned to fulfill wishes and bring some holiday spirit back into a bleak year.

Public Service Credit Union staff went to work and purchased gifts, paid bills or made donations for every single member who completed the survey, plus a few non-members who found the survey on Facebook. Most members were invited to the giveback event, COVID-style, to get their gifts, a photo with Santa, a cupcake and hot cocoa. The credit union couldn’t invite everyone to the event, but all the other gifts were picked up later or mailed out…some to other states and some overseas to those serving in the military.

“It’s been a humbling, yet inspiring project for Public Service Credit Union” said CEO, Carolyn Mikesell. “We hoped to bring a smile to each of their faces, maybe a sigh of relief, tears of joy & hopefully we eased some stress and tension, if only for one day.” A video was created to capture the excitement of the day: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGQyMkZGBo0

Public Service Credit Union is Fort Wayne’s oldest credit union. Founded in 1932 the full-service financial institution serves nearly 4,500 members through two branch locations and a full suite of electronic tools.

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