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Just recently, we lost the life of a great woman who was a waitress at Azar’s in Waynedale for the past 40 years, Rose Bridge.

Look out, Heaven, here comes an educated, well-dressed lady wearing a red, white, and black apron. She can wait on your tables with a smile, friendliness and integrity. She can even memorize your order in detail before she writes the serving ticket. So, make room for a good and gracious waitress, the type of woman who volunteers her life for her customers, her friends.

For 35 plus years I was a breakfast customer and sometimes daily visitor. I saw Rose work with fellow waitresses with excellent character. I had a chance to see her in operation on a weekly basis. She was a strong team leader with her associates.

To be a successful waitress is best accomplished by being an excellent self-motivator. The more that is expected, the better the performance in the restaurant. Her self-discipline determined what she had to do, doing it when it had to be done, doing as well as she could do it and doing it that way all the time. This is how she prepared herself in serving her eating customers.

Rose had accepted the challenge of preparing younger ladies, as new potential waitresses, as productive and meaningful contributors in today’s society. She directed her own energy and enthusiasm. She was a prime example of the importance of conditioning mind, soul and body throughout the workday. Her positive mental attitude was contagious to fellow servers and cooks.

Rose’s most outstanding personal qualities were her honesty, cooperativeness and good humor. Her desire to sacrifice and prepare to improve was a big plus for her. Her willingness to give the extra time and effort was from the heart. Her humanitarianism was always evident, and she made everyone who knew her feel better about life in general.

Rose was a significant positive figure at the Azar’s Family Restaurant and she earned my deepest respect and loyalty. Rose, keep up the good work in Heaven because younger potential servers need to be respected and educated by a cheerful reverent lady.

The Waynedale News Staff

Jim Lambert

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