Mayor Tom Henry presented Adrienne Maurer with the 2020 Trail Volunteer of the Year Award on Thursday. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated strong leadership and made exemplary and significant contributions in volunteer time to planning, construction, maintenance, promotion and/or fundraising for the City of Fort Wayne’s trails and greenways network.

Adrienne has led her neighborhood’s efforts to keep a section of the St. Marys Pathway clean and safe through the Adopt a Greenway program for the past 4 years, and worked with the neighborhood to maintain the landscaping of the traffic islands at the intersection of Bluffton Rd. and Broadway, providing a safe and attractive crossing for trail users. Adrienne has volunteered for the Pufferbelly Run/Walk/Stroll annually and in 2019 and 2020 “led-out” the races on bicycle, ensuring that the participants correctly followed the route. She also assisted as ride leader for the 2020 Trek the Trails program, along with volunteering for 15 of the rides. In 2020, Adrienne volunteered more than 50 hours toward Trail activities and maintenance. She is also a longtime donor and supporter of the Fort Wayne Trails, Inc. Trail Blazer recurring donor program.

As part of the recognition, a tulip tree was planted along the Rivergreenway in Foster Park and a plaque naming Adrienne the Volunteer of the Year was installed at the base of the tree.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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