(l-r) Grace Klopfenstein, Kylei Klein, Coach Steve Hendress, Isabelle Wellman, and Katarina Emerich

New Haven native Isabelle Wellman and her team won multiple titles at the Fort Worth National Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR) Jan. 19. Wellman along with team members Grace Klopfenstein, Katarina Emerich, Kylei Klein and Coach Steve Hendress represented the Purdue Dairy Judging Team at the show in Fort Worth, Texas. The annual 23-day event was first held in 1896 making it the oldest continuously running livestock show and rodeo.

FWSSR raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to fund grants and scholarships assisting the future leaders of agriculture and livestock management.

Awards won as follows: Isabelle Wellman: 1st in Holsteins and 2nd in Reasons. Kylei Klein: 1st in Reasons. Grace Klopfenstein: 3rd in Holsteins and 4th in Reasons. Team: 1st in Holsteins and 1st in Reasons.

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