The Delta Dental Foundation today announced a $100,000 commitment as part of the “Water’s Cool at School” program to replace old water fountains in 21 schools in Indiana with new filtration and bottle filling stations. A launch event was held at Adams Elementary, one of the grant recipients with a new filtration system.

“We are thrilled to have this investment from the Delta Dental Foundation to help the oral and overall health of our students and staff,” said Allison Holland, principal of Adams Elementary. “We were shocked to learn that our old water fountain was 94 years old, so this investment lends a lot to our peace of mind and makes the choice to drink water fun for the entire school.”

The “Water’s Cool at School” initiative is part of the “Rethink Your Drink” campaign to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages, promote the decision to drink water, and highlight the benefits of drinking water on oral and overall health, brain function, and well-being.

“The need for increased education and promotion around healthy oral and drinking habits is extremely important at Adams Elementary,” said Michelle Lutz, school nurse. “We frequently have students coming to school with poor dental habits that lead to substantial decay and can impact their ability to learn. Our entire staff appreciates – and has bought into – the ‘Water’s Cool in School’ program to help establish healthy habits that will benefit our community for a lifetime.”

The Center for Disease Control has found that access to safe, free drinking water helps to increase students’ overall water consumption, maintain hydration, and reduce energy intake, if substituted for sugar-sweetened beverages. Adequate hydration may also improve cognitive function among children and adolescents, which is important for learning. Drinking water, if fluoridated, also plays a role in preventing dental caries (cavities).

“The Delta Dental Foundation is proud of our partnerships with Adams Elementary and schools across the state of Indiana to provide increased access to water filtration and bottle filling stations,” said Holli Seabury, Ed.D., executive director of the Delta Dental Foundation. “We are committed to helping to build healthy, smart, and vibrant communities, and setting students up to build healthy habits and make healthy choices is an important part of that.”

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