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Volunteers pack their canoe with bags of trash collected along the river during the 11th annual “Canoe Cleanup” held in October.

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization has completed planting 2,936 trees along 1.5 miles of streambank and submitting work reports from 2016 through 2018. The group “physically planted 2,936 trees, but trees are fragile life forms that don’t always like how or where they were planted,” says Abigail Frost-King, Save Maumee’s President and Founder. “Reports have to be submitted to the federal funders, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and USDA Forest Service. These Offices remain closed and workers are ‘out on leave,’ but our crew wanted everyone to see all the work produced by our local volunteers! Volunteers are our success story.”

And it appears the group’s work is working! Citizens, students and locals logged over 1,200 hours in 2018 alone! Lush Cosmetics also helped to fund several projects and promotional items to support the work because they believe in Save Maumee’s purpose! Lush is extremely environmentally friendly and their money purchased things like reusable stainless steel water bottles, billboards, sweatshirts, yellow safety vests and vegetarian food!

If you would like to see the 2018 pictures of Save Maumee’s 13th Annual Earth Day or 11th Annual Seed Harvest, or news coverage from the 11th Annual Canoe Clean-up, click on a few links. The state spends an estimated $8.6 million managing invasive plants each year, said Megan Abraham, an entomologist with the state. Indiana is to prohibit terrestrial species from being sold in the state. The rule would ban transporting, selling or soliciting orders for 44 plant species in Indiana, but has to pass Governor Eric Holcomb’s desk. Invasive species remain a problem for Save Maumee as well. The group removed hundreds of callery pear with The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and New Haven Parks & Rec., with the groups spending thousands of dollars to remove invasive species in Deetz Nature Preserve alone.

Save Maumee has not received an award letter for the next GLRI approved project, due to the government shutdown, so public contribution to this fundraiser will be important. They encourage everyone to come out to the 14th Annual 2-Day Earth Day on April 22 & 23.

The groups next public event will be a fundraiser called Another Bazaar Evening on the Maumee. Ellen Bauman, Save Maumee’s Bazaar event Organizer and Board Member said that, “Regardless of government funding, we have always been supported through MEMBERSHIPS and the kindness and generosity of strangers. We always work to stop things like deforestation, and to improve water quality for the entire Maumee Watershed… all the way to Lake Erie. We have so many supporters for the Bazaar Evening already!” She thanks all the donors and vendors and performers who will be selling their wares, performing onstage and sharing their gifts.

Lauren Conklin, Save Maumee Secretary and Event Organizer says that, “Save Maumee works hard during the outdoor season to plant trees, remove invasive species and pick-up almost 40,000 pounds of trash over the years. We want people to come ring in the New Year with a party on Saturday February 23. We want everyone to celebrate our successful 2018 summer, to show volunteers and their families a great time. This is how we say thank you for helping the Maumee River.”

Another Bazaar Evening on Feb, 23, 2019 will be held at TekVenture located at 1550 Griffin Street from noon – 10pm. This fundraiser will not be one to miss with a gas pipe organ shooting flames, belly dancing, acoustic & electric local music, skateboard construction demo, make your own drum or treasure chest, food and alcohol, and impromptu performing. For more information on how you can help, please contact Ellen Bauman at 260-739-8748 or attend the next meeting on February 4th at Hall’s Gas House at 7pm. SaveMaumee.Org/all-upcoming-events

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