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It was Cupcake Day at Kingston Healthcare-Winchester Road on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The Rotaract Club of Fort Wayne joined residents as they baked and frosted cupcakes making this Waynedale Healthcare community a better place.

The Rotaract Club is a group of young professional adults who meet up to help serve the needs of their community and their world. Locally, the Rotaract Club of Fort Wayne, following the motto of the Rotary Club International, “service above self,” met with residents at Kingston Healthcare on Winchester Road, to make, bake and frost cupcakes.

Eric Shoemaker, a Rotaract member explained to a group of ladies, “What is Rotaract?” “Rotaract,” he said, “is a younger version of Rotary.” “We are 18-30ish.” He went on to explain, “We enjoy helping others. Some of our projects have been international but most are local, like helping out at St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen, providing food for families, reading to others at the library and mentoring at-risk college students.”

Making our community a better place to live, Rotaract Club members Eric Shoemaker, President of the club-Rachel Batdorff and Jordan Cornwell had fun visiting and frosting cupcakes while the Wellness Director Diane Peterson baked over 8 dozen cupcakes.

As Eric frosted a few more cupcakes, one of the residents said, “You should have been a chef!” Eric chuckled, “I love what I do, working at Family Medicine Center.”

Barbara, a resident at Kingston, took off down the hall, and knocked on Helen’s door. She knocked again, but no answer. Barbara returned to the table and said, “Helen would’ve enjoyed this. She’s going to be sorry she missed it. She’s probably asleep in her recliner.”

Eric and Barbara continued sharing stories of yesteryear. Barbara reminisced of the store downtown-Wolf and Dessauer, “It was a fine store. As fine as stores in Chicago. There were white-gloved elevator operators.” A resident across the table said, “When I wanted something special I’d go to Wolf and Dessauer.”

A few minutes later, Helen comes wheeling down the hallway. Helen and Barbara, longtime friends and neighbors, smile at each other. “Dig in! You’re here just in time!” said Barbara.

There were chocolate cupcakes, orange supreme and lemon, frosted for the tasting.

More stories were shared talking about Elmhurst High School where Helen had graduated in 1946. Jordan Cornwell, sitting at another table, talked sports with Pat Temple. 99-year-old “Bea” Bernice Zimmerman asked Jordan, “How old are you?” Jordan replied, “I was born in ’90.” Another lady chuckled, “He’s barely a sprout!”

Saturday, February 24, “was a fun day for all, residents and visitors from Rotaract,” said Diane. The remaining cupcakes were taken to the dining area for the other residents to enjoy during their dinner that evening.

For more information or how to become involved with Rotaract Club of Fort Wayne, please visit www.fortwaynerotaract.org or you can them on facebook!

Cindy Cornwell

Cindy Cornwell

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