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SPEAK THE TRUTH – A Book Nook Review

By Carmen LaBerge
Regnery Faith
HB, 222 pages

LaBerge addresses the silence and fear that prohibits biblical worldviews from being introduced in controversial conversations. How does the gospel fit into the topic of abortion? Marriage? Racism? LaBerge invites believers to engage in these sensitive discussions and see every “divine appointment” — whether in a dentist’s waiting room or a line at the grocery store — as a way to be the hands and feet of Christ in an ever-changing world. America is confused, and as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, Christians are to be bearers of truth, hope and love in a lost society searching for answers.

Speak the Truth is refreshingly unafraid to make truth claims because it is centered on the ultimate source of truth: God’s Word. Carmen LaBerge writes with humility, eloquence and grace as she guides her readers through what it means to speak truth without fear or hostility. Packed with practical solutions and scriptural reminders, Speak the Truth challenges believers to view every person as someone made in the image of God and every issue in the context of the gospel.

LaBerge takes note of the silence, fear and discouragement that surrounds Christians when entering into controversial conversations. The author encourages the Church to be bolder in reaching out to the world with kindness and the Word of God. Each chapter concludes with questions for personal reflection and group discussions, as well as space for taking notes, making Speak the Truth a fitting choice for a devotional or a Bible study guide.

Carmen LaBerge takes concrete stances on the sanctity of marriage, abortion, pornography and numerous other topics that more liberal-leaning Christians may reject. This is because LaBerge emphasizes the Bible as the authoritative Word of God and does not apologize for the black and white commands and worldviews in the Scriptures. I find this both bold and encouraging, for a book about truth needs a solid foundation — there is no room for relativism in Speak the Truth, which is a great relief in this age of moral greys.

Reviewed by Victoria Lawson, a professional writing major at Taylor University.